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Gala is a designer based in Milan, her brand born in 2015 with the aim to create a world of objects and accessories inspired by the poetry of the universe. She wants to live in a kinder, better world, so she creates works that inspire us to do so.

She named her work “Poetic design”: it is all that is able to maintain its beauty despite fragility and imperfection.

Celestial and natural symbols, images of childhood but above all reminiscences of modern art  are combined and transformed creating collections that evoke the atmosphere of elusive enchantment.  Gala is always willing to research new details: she is looking in architecture, sculpture, drawing and nature little, specific elements. Many of them are leaf, flower, stars system and she loves geometrize them, showing their hidden path.

Every object of the collection is thought as a poetry for its inspiration but also for the precision in which is built: Gala mix 3D technology with Italian manufacturing to create a new, contemporary product.

She has worked across many mediums, from bronze and silver to ceramic, from glass to iron what is important is that each object that she creates maintains its light and bright.

#followthelittlelight is her mantra because Gala believes that everyone of us has a light hidden and to be you at your best you must follow it, but also because she hopes that every jewels and objects that she can design and produce can light up you or your space.